Nurse Veteran Driver Salesperson Developer Customer Service Rep Manager Front-Line Worker Supervisor Analyst Accountant Designer Teacher Mechanic Barista Firefighter Lawyer Engineer Chef Marketer Policeman Specialist Banker Doctor Admin to Founder - in One Weekend

Learn how to think, work, & Build like a startup

November 12-14 • Hopewell Labs - Louisville, KY
Experience Entrepreneurship

What is Startup Weekend?

This 54-hour event equips individuals of all backgrounds with the training, mentorship, and tools needed to start a business. 

Startup enthusiasts of all backgrounds and skill sets are invited to join this action packed weekend whether they have an idea or not.

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How it Works


Present an Idea

We kick off the weekend with 1-minute pitches on back-of-the-napkin ideas you’ve been thinking on. Ideas are voted on and teams are formed.


Validate the Problem

Spend the rest of the weekend validating the problem, building a solution, and creating a business plan. We’ll teach you how to do all of this in our workshops.


Pitch Your Startup

Present your new startup with a Shark Tank style pitch to a panel of judges. The winners get a sweet prize package to help them grow their business.

"MBA in a Weekend"

That’s a direct quote! We’ve had MBA professors tell us their students have walked away with more from a Startup Weekend event than a whole semester of classes! What’s our secret sauce? Moving education into action! Our workshops will teach you startup essentials but then we’ll kick everyone out of the building to go apply what they’ve learned.

Everything You Need!

All you have to bring is yourself, your curiosity, a “give first” mentality, and maybe paper and pencil. We’ll provide everything else you need to be successful over the weekend (unless your idea has something to do with rockets – you’ll have to ask Elon for that!).



While our workshops are phenomenal, chances are you’re still going to have questions on specific topics or need someone experienced to give feedback. We’re bringing in 15+ entrepreneurs and subject matter experts to help you throughout the weekend.

Food, Snacks, & Drinks

Food, Snacks, & Drinks

We’ll keep you energized, nourished, and delighted throughout the weekend with all of your meals, snacks, coffee, and drinks provided by local restaurants and vendors.



Not only does a startup need space to work, there also needs to be tools in that space. We’ll provide the giant sticky notes, markers, post-it notes, and other brainstorming tools. Some attendees like to use their computer to work - just don’t forget the charger!



Our venue sponsor Hopewell is proud to offer teams their own office for the weekend! Your startup will have dedicated space to work all weekend, throw ideas on the wall, build out your product, and rehearse your pitch.

All We're Missing is You!


You - our attendees - are what make these events so valuable and unique. The ideas you bring. The experiences you've had. The skills you share. The curiosity you inspire. The giving, open attitude you offer. We need you to be successful!

Network of Connections

Network of Connections

While we can’t bring in every subject matter expert, we’ll teach you how to tap into your personal network, other attendees and organizers, and the broader community so you can get answers to validate your idea and build your business.



With just 54-hours, it’s best not to spend your time re-inventing the wheel - or business model canvas. We’ll share all of our recommended resources with you so you can follow a proven system as you work on your startup.

Organizers Support

Organizers Support

This is your OG support team. We’ve all been in your shoes before - some of us have even won a startup weekend! We’ll be here the whole weekend for any question you may have to make sure you have a great experience.

Special Surprise

Special Surprise

We can't say much about this one but you won't want to miss out on this fun, secret part we have planned for the weekend!

Your Path to the Future

1. Get Your Ticket

Secure your early bird discount where you get 7 meals AND a startup - what a steal!

2. Experience Startups

Dive into the hustle and grind of brining an idea to life with all the support you need.

3. Become a Founder

Learn the principles of entrepreneurship as you bring an idea to life in 1 weekend!

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